Carnival Glass- A work in progress

My style of work is realism. I don’t concentrate on photorealism, but I make my subjects look realistic. I found  Art Spectrum Colorfix, which happens to be a pastel paper that comes in a variety of shades. I was hesitant about it at first, but soon fell in love with it. This is what I am working on at the present. This one is 16 x 22″ on Brown Colorfix paper.

 Step 1  

STEP 1 – I always make a very detailed line drawing before I start with any of my CP pieces. I usually do it with Col-erase pencils or transfer sheets.

 Step 2 

STEP 2 –  I have started adding and blocking the colors. I am working on this upside down, since it makes easier my job of blocking out the reflections in the glass.

Step 3 

STEP 3 – More colors being added. This piece has a lot of color for a plain glass of water 🙂

  Step 4

STEP 4 – This is where I am now, after several hours of work. The background is screaming for some attention, which I will be giving it soon!


4 thoughts on “Carnival Glass- A work in progress

  1. This is coming along so beautifully.
    Your work just gets better and better
    its a pleasure to look at.
    Your friend in pencils,

  2. Hi!
    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!
    Your work is a show. I like to draw and I am taking a drawing course for the net,Visit the site www. . He is fantastic! With certainty you will adore.
    I don’t know English, I am Brazilian, I am lh writing with help of a translator, excuse for my mistakes but it was but it was irresistible to look your works and not to comment irresistible to look your works and not to comment
    I will always return

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