American Artist Competition – 3rd place winner!

The piece  ‘Usual suspects’ was selected as one of the semifinalist in the American artist 70th anniversary competition. Today I saw that my piece has won the third place in the colored pencil category!. My work will be appearing in the December issue of the American artist magazine.The show features some great talents across the US and am so glad to see my name up there. Particularly, the grand prize (among all the categories ) was taken by a colored pencil artist John P. smolko, whose work I really admire.

Click here to see the article featuring the winners & semifinalists of the Colored pencil category. Don’t forget to vote for the people’s choice award!


3 thoughts on “American Artist Competition – 3rd place winner!

  1. Congrats Ranjini!
    I remember the “Usual Suspects” piece with its dramatic lighting and rich colours. It’s no surprise that it placed amongst such other fantastic work, way to go!

  2. hi ranjini, its a very good news…congratulations !! may god bless you to achieve more heights in your career…


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