Still life based on Dutch master

I just completed this still life, its a tribute to the old dutch masters with a lot of dramatic lighting and shadows. I did a bit of reading before I started on this subject and also recieved a lot of insight from my artist friend/mentor Arlene Steingberg.

One of the most prominent things that the dutch masters followed was chirascuro- the contrasting effect of dark and light. Many Dutch painters drew inspiration from the art of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1573-1610), the great innovator working in Rome who made chiaroscuro  the principal means of expression in his art. Pieter Claesz,  was one of the most prominent painters in this appealing and still-popular genre and one of my favourites along with Willem Kalf & Jan Davidsz. de Heem.

This work is on pastel board too, I used some inktense along with my usual neocolor underpainting. I don’t seem to like them since I am not able blend in my pencils very smoothly over them with my brush. I don’t have a fancy camera that could catch a candle behind a distorted glass, so I had to do that from life. I learnt a lot while doing this piece and it was a lot of fun.

Still life with oranges – 24×13.5 – neocolors/inktense and cp’s



5 thoughts on “Still life based on Dutch master

  1. Gee Ranjini, you just keep getting better and better! I love this piece, especially the green cloth (well, green IS my favorite color!). You have done a marvelous job! It looks so real.

    So the Inktense don’t play well with pencils, huh? I was thinking about trying them, but maybe I’ll put that off for awhile. I still can’t get used to the thought of using Neocolors as an underpainting. I have some now, but getting myself into the right frame of mind to try them out under my pencils is a whole ‘nother issue.


  2. Thanks so much nancy!

    And yes, I don’t like inktense with my prismas. I don’t get a smooth burnish on top of them like the neo’s. I do get to see a lot of my strokes!

  3. This is incredible! I use to visit WC and Scribble…so I know Arlene’s work.. and if she is your mentor, no wonder your work is so gorgeous.


  4. Hi, Ranjini!

    I’ve started using Neocolor II after seeing your blog! 🙂 I’ve used Intense pencils before, and find them to be fairly similar to the Neocolors, though not quite as intense. Perhaps you might one day try using Inktense as an underpainting?

    I’m curious; what bristle brush do you use to blend your colored pencils? Thanks!

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