My solo show

I am getting ready for my solo show starting next week. I will be having a collection of florals and Still life paintings. I am right now framing up few of my works, getting my giclee’s ready and sending out the postcards for the show. Here’s the snapshot of my postcard –

Situated in the artsy downtown Edmonds, Semantics Gallery features originals, sculpture , glass and wood paintings. Don’t forget to stop by the Gallery if you are in town for the month!.

Semantics Gallery- 110th ave North, Edmonds, WA 98020.


7 thoughts on “My solo show

  1. Congrats on the show Ranjini!! I went to the galleries website and took as look at the photos they have up of your work, and they’re great! BTW, will you be at CPSA this year in Seattle?? I was hoping to finally get a chance to meet you face to face. 😀


  2. Thanks so much nancy! Of course I will be there, I am the secretary of our chapter so you can definetly see me running around:). I look forward to meet you too!

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