3D with Color Pencils


Color pencil Society hosts the ” Explore this! ” show every other year. The essence of this show is mainly to show how versatile color pencils can be as a medium. I have been working with Color pencil, neocolors and pastels for a while and wanted to try something totally new.

In India we have jewel boxes that are usually hand crafted in Ivory/ metal adorned with paintings, gold leafing and precious stones. This inspired me to create something similar on wood with colored pencil, gold leafing and ink.

I got a plain simple wooden box and coated with Colorfix primer so that I get some tooth on the smooth surface for my pencils to adhere. I then drew designs with col-erase pencils; the drawing comprising of white elephants, lotus and the princess are common traditional designs seen in Indian mythology.






The next step was to make the foundation for gold leafing. I put some Colorfix primer in a cone and made designs on top of the drawing. Its very similar to decorating a cake with icing!. I let that dry over night before I added gold leafing.




Then I used the neocolors, Color pencils and ink to paint the box and top it off with some stones and mirrors. To protect the work, I used a fixative and spray varnish. It was a time consuming process and a good learning curve, but it was a lot of fun to work 3D with color pencils for the first time!.


Jewel box of India – (4 x 6.25 x 4 – Color pencils, Ink and Gold leaf)


Jewel box


Jewel box top


6 thoughts on “3D with Color Pencils

  1. Simply beautiful! I was searching for how to prepare a wooden box I might color with pencils, and this was more than informative… it was inspiring! Awesome job. It’s very lovely. I envy your talent. ❤ I hope I can do something as wonderful as this one day.

    Thank you!

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