Tiger cub

This is what I had been working on for quite sometime now. Its again a big piece, 31X24 inches the usual neocolors, color pencils on pastel board.

 I wanted to do something other my usual still-life and came upon a beautiful pic of this tiger cub that really got me inspired. I modified the ref by entirely changing the bg,foreground and added a tail to balance the pic. The painting got cropped a few inches at the bottom when i took the pic, there is some more rock bed thats not seen here ( around 2-3 inches).



7 thoughts on “Tiger cub

  1. Awesome! Just simply brilliant ranjini…was wondering where you have vanished! Anyways great work….A very happy new year to u!

    Best Regards,

  2. VERY nice! I can’t believe you work so big! I haven’t tried neocolors at all…or working on sanded paper with the colored pencils, but it’s very intriguing. Do you use Wallis sanded or some other brand of paper? Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

  3. Thanks so much Veda, Happy new year to you too!. Thanks Rhonda.

    Linda, thanks for stopping by:). I recently started working big and really find it very challenging and interesting. In the past I’ve used the colorfiz and I still love it. But offlate its all been pastel board and neocolors for me.

  4. Exquisite artwork. I can’t imagine how much time this must have taken you. The largest colored pencils painting I’ve done is only 18×24 and it took me 50 hours!
    Beautiful work. Love it.

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