Loosening up

 Drawing/Painting is always a learning process. We keep discovering new things and our works keep evolving. I’ve been doing realistic paintings for a long time and wanted to try otherwise. I challenged myself to create this landscape in a not so realistic fashion, by using angled, accented strokes. I tried very hard not to get into mundane details of the rocks or greens, it is very difficult to let go of the urge to put in all the details!


I usually spend all my time on one part of the painting until it is close to finish and then move over to the rest of the painting. I discovered that this was one of the main reasons why I was not able to render loosely. While doing this landscape I tried to cover up the whole board, blocking the basic forms and then worked the details on each form to the same level of completion. I am not sure if I achieved what I wanted with this, but I did indeed enjoy the process of loosening up. I do hope to pursue this style sometime in the future with my still life’s.


Water Ensemble – 8 x 12.5 on pastel board.







5 thoughts on “Loosening up

  1. Hi Ranjini,

    Love this your new method of painting gives the piece fine harmony. Smart to keep it small. Your water is very wet.

    Looking forward to more work with this loose method of painting.


  2. Great work, Ranjini! Ii love the softness of it. It looks more like a pastel painting.
    I have the same trouble “loosening up”. Colored pencil lends itself to detail so well. When I worry about it, my friend tells me to embrace what I do best as there are artists working loose who wish they could tighten up. Easier said than done! I found that I can work looser with collage. I love your tiger cub, too. I just posted my latest CP painting that I finished today on my blog and, yep, it’s tightish.

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