Blog Award

Thanks to Heather Page for giving me the Blog award.  Heather is a very talented Colored pencil artist who works primarily on animal portraits.


I am to list 7 things that I love and then pass this award on to 7 of my favourite art blogs.

1. Family

2. Friends

3. Art

4. Dogs

5. Travel

6. Mom’s cooking!

7. Music

I am passing this award on to my favourite blogs, listed in no particular order –

1. Austin Maloney

2. Nicole Caulfield

3. Peggy Stermer-cox

4. Paula Pertile

5. Katherine Tyrell

6. Linda Mahoney

7. Holly Bedrosian


2 thoughts on “Blog Award

  1. Thank you Ranjini! I appreciate the compliment. Congratulations on getting into the CPSA’s “Explore This!” — very cool! And, I like your experimenting in “Water Ensemble”; you achieved the look and feel of the Northwest on a soft color, slightly foggy or misty day.

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