After a long time…

Whew! its been months since I’ve posted anything on my blog. Time just flies when you are having fun, which I’ve been mostly. I had a wonderful cruise workshop in February to the Caribbean, it was an honor to teach alongside with Ann Kullberg and Cecile Baird.  I always look up to their work and they were so much fun to be with.

Look what I found on the beach!

It won’t be fair if I don’t mention what a nice bunch of students I had! Thanks so much gals! I had so much fun teaching and I hope they enjoyed too.

I’ve been working on another big piece for the past month. It’s not one of my usual subjects, but you can identify a similar style from the color palette and lighting. Once a while I do pieces like this outside my comfort zone just to stir up my creative block. I took a picture of this artist from the Pike Place market in Seattle last summer. For obvious reasons I had to change a lot of things in the reference so that I don’t mimic any of his work in my painting.  The main thing that captured my interest in this particular scene was the play of light that created so much drama. Even when the whole world was bustling with activity around him, he was so much at “zen” and  kept doing his work quietly.

Finding Zen – 24×32 , neocolors on board.

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