New work – Tangled

This piece was inspired by new love for crochet. I have so many yarns now lying around my studio along with my colored pencils ! I wanted to portray a design pattern rather than the actual yarn and hence the crop. I hope to make a series with these.

Tangled – 16×20 , neocolors and colored pencils

Crocheting has kept me busy for sometime, making scarfs for friends and family and of course for myself:) (I haven’t taken any pictures of those, I will try to get some soon ) The art of crochet is very meditative to me and I really enjoy creating a wearable piece of art.


5 thoughts on “New work – Tangled

  1. I’m a crocheter and sometimes knitter colored pencil artist too. If you haven’t already, check out It’s an online site for those of us with the yarn addition. Lots of designers, free patterns and help when you need it.

  2. My God! It is so lively. Very well done. One more thing which comes to my mind is strangeness of the subject. Had I come across this photo, I would have never thought of making sketch of it. But now as you have done so great job I realise, I am just not capable of looking at things around me.

    • That’s really nice of you Sunil. I guess what really made me like the subject was the interesting lighting it had bouncing off the yarn. There was a drama that really moved me so I jumped right in:)

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