Art store

I am still inching my way to completion on my still life but I had to write about a store that I recently visited. It’s the Artist and Craftsman supply in Seattle. It’s the only store I have seen which carries open stock NeocolorII wax soluble crayon that I use for my work. They had tons of stuff and the price was very reasonable too. I am in no way connected to the store but I had to write about it since I loved it. They seem to have a lot of other store locations too , check out their site – click here


2 thoughts on “Art store

  1. Jerry’d Artarama used to sell their Neocolors II in open stock. At least the Raleigh store did, but they have moved a lot of open stock stuff off the floors now and you have to go to their website or catalog to get them.

    Isn’t it exciting when you find a new art store that has exactly what you need?! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to go check them out right now.


    • Yes Jerry’s do have it in open stock Nancy, its just that I have to have them shipped. But A&C is close by so I can go atleast every other weekend! Hope you like them too:)

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