Fruits & Silver – Tribute to Dutch Masters

It’s finished atlast, I will be taking it to the framers tomorrow!! I really like the way it turned out, especially the color palette. One of the major color that I used extensively in this piece was Prisma color-Expresso . I usually use a lot of Umbers but somehow it made the piece a bit duller, so I tried one of the new shades of prisma, the expresso and really loved it.
So , here it is – Fruits & Silver – 24 x 33 on pastelboard


6 thoughts on “Fruits & Silver – Tribute to Dutch Masters

    • Katherine, thank you. I haven’t done a post for the background, I do not use solvents..its a layer of NeocolorII watersoluble and colored pencils on top of that. I then use bristle brush to blend both. Maybe in future I will do a post on just the backgrounds.

  1. This is so nice. The background is just perfect and the silver is wonderful. I love the espresso color also – not black and not brown, but a great dark color.

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