Ceramics Workshop

I took a Ceramics (hand building) workshop over the weekend with Artist Pat Colyar. It was a 2 day workshop and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the experience!  We learned the basics of hand-building with clay, pinching,molding, scoring-slipping etc. Day 1 we made trays , bowls and cylinders and Day 2 was learning to use under-glazes. Ceramics has always been a love of mine and for a long time I wanted to try my hand at clay and the wheel. I hope to take come wheel throwing in the summer.
These are some of the pieces I got to make, just some basic stuff. The instructor was kind enough to take them home and fire them for us. So the finished pieces will be ready next weekend, I will post them then.

After adding Underglaze. Pat pointed out that the colors might looks different once fired so I am kind of curious to see how these turn out.

If you are interested in taking classes from Pat Colyar (which I highly recommend by the way) you can check out Arteast or Kirkland Arts Center.


One thought on “Ceramics Workshop

  1. Oooh, thanks for sharing this with us! I was looking forward to hearing about the workshop – and I love your pieces. I can’t wait to see them after they’ve been fired. What fun! 🙂

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