I just finished my first piece for 2012, ” Luscious ” – 24×25 – neocolors and cp’s on board.

A slideshow with some step-by-step stages of this piece.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


18 thoughts on “Luscious

  1. Beautiful, as usual. You work is always superb. Wondered if you’ve tried the new sanded, pastel multimedia support board from Multimedia Artboard? It has a finer tooth than Ampersand’s board. I have done a test piece on the multimedia board and found it was a bit easier to get details in place.

      • The Multimedia folks have a website: (Yes, two a’s – I double checked.) Their phone number is 770-271-4753. I’ve been using their artboard products for a long time. Their standard artboard can take oils, acrylics, and pencils. Hard to find something that works for all three. Sometimes, I would prefer more of a “paper-like” surface for my color pencil work, but I can make the artboard work. I use the Ampersand supports as well. Again, just a beautiful piece.

  2. Love your new piece it is so beautiful. Where are you going to show it? We would love to see it in person. This blog is wonderful, but there is nothing in this world like seeing your pieces in person.

  3. Hi Rajini,
    Great work . I am going to share your work with my daughter who has taken AP Art, she will be surely be inspired,
    Thank you

  4. I enjoyed the steps shown. A surperb piece. I too, enjoy drawing on (black) art board, the effects are outstanding. If you have time, stop by and look at my blog post “EYES HAVE THE POWER TO…”. Thank you for sharing your art work, much appreciated.

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