Back home and some good news!

I am back from a wonderful vacation back home, it was HOT and humid but it’s home nevertheless!

As soon as I came back I learned that I did not get into CPSA convention this year, but many of my friends did so I am really happy for them. But I do have a piece of good news to share, I am going to be featured in the Professional Artist Magazine’s Artist Spotlight section! The full page feature will be published in the July/August issue and will be available in the newsstands by the first week of June!!

4 thoughts on “Back home and some good news!

  1. I’m sorry your work wasn’t accepted this year. I really admire your colored pencil work, when I’m in Seattle (I visit my grandkids every other month) I try to go to Semantics gallery or the Women Painter’s of WA gallery – in fact, I went to both (plus Cole Gallery to see Eileen Sorg’s exhibit) just last week. This was my first attempt at getting into the CPSA convention, but I didn’t make it. I’ll try again & I’m inspired by your talent!

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