Test piece on Dick blick art board

I recently got the Dick blick art board and thought would give it a try. The surface is like canvas and it’s conveniently mounted in the back. I used my usual neocolors and Colored pencils on it and also added some Gold leaf and inks for fun. I found it really difficult to add layers on it because the colors kept rolling off. I had to be really careful not to touch the surface while working or I was pulling off a lot of pigment. Using the bristle brush did help increase saturation but only to a level. Also a brush on varnish pulled off more color! I think this board would be great for wetmedia but does not work for mixed media so much. That’s just my 2 cents!

“Colors around me” – 6×6 on Blick studio art board.


4 thoughts on “Test piece on Dick blick art board

  1. This looks good despite the problems and uncooperative support. I tried doing cp on canvas one time. It turned out a lot better than I had hoped, but not sure I’d want to try it again. You’re right that it’s very hard to get many layers on canvas. Do not get the Multi-Media Artboard either Ranjini. I tried that and it’s really awful for pencils…. even worse than canvas! Good for acrylics, bad for pencils.

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