Who rescued who?

Cannon Beach

16×20 Oil Pastels on grey pasteboard

You know, that point where you get frustrated with a painting and realize it’s not turning out to be what you want? We’ve all been there. I did plan it well, had a good reference, blocked in my neocolors, painted my heart away with it..then suddenly I realized that something was wrong and I am no longer in love with it. One good thing – my realization came before I went on with the Color pencil process. If I had realized it later this board would be sitting on a dark corner in my studio.

I had this rush to somehow salvage this piece so I tried washing the board with soap and water..but I had so much neocolors sitting on it for several days that it had stained the board and the colors showed through. Then my eyes fell upon a box of neopastels ( oil pastels) and molding paste that had been nestled along with the umpteen art supplies that I have hoarded. With a lot of questions and doubts I went over the board with the oil pastels. It was a very liberating experience for me to do something like this spontaneously. I seriously fell in love with Pastelbord for the second time – even after so much abuse of washing and scrubbing there was absolutely no loss of tooth. The oil pastels went on just fine and the board took several layers of it evenly.

Even though my initial plans turned upside down I did end up with my first oil pastel piece of the beautiful Cannon Beach! Sometimes things fall apart just so other things could fall in it’s place!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S.In the slideshow you can see how the neocolors show through even after washing up.


4 thoughts on “Who rescued who?

  1. Hi Ranjini! I love that you just let go– scrubbing the work surface and freeing yourself to paint with abandon. It’s liberating to “give up” on a piece–that’s when “magic” happens. The looser the brush stroke the more energetic the work becomes. For me, it’s the “hand of the artist” that makes a piece interesting! Looking forward to seeing what you do next. Deb

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