Let there be light

“Let there be light”

18x 24 – Neocolor II & Color pencils on Tan Ampersand Pastelbord

Light has always been a very effective medium to convey a more powerful and vivid expressions in an artist’s work. The arrangement for this still life came upon as a complete accident. All I had in my mind was that I wanted to compose a piece with apples and silver. It was a cloudy day, typical Seattle weather and I wasn’t expecting the sun to come out. Then it happened, the clouds gave way to sunshine just for a brief moment and I immediately realized what I had been missing all that time. I tried to capture that meaningful moment here which felt so uplifting to me.  We all could use a little bit of sunshine in our lives from time to time; I hope this brings some light into your day!

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4 thoughts on “Let there be light

  1. You are absolutely right — this IS uplifting! I love everything about it — down to the reflection of the glass on the apple! I’m amazed at how much detail you were able to achieve with the Neocolors. Am I right to assume, then, that the process was more that of a watercolor than pencil drawing?

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