Back from Florida and show news!

I am back from Florida and I do have some great news to share. My piece Epiphany has been juried into the Richeson75 Online Still Life & Floral 2013. It has been selected as a finalist in the competition and will be included in both the online exhibit and in the hard-cover, full color exhibit book. The show goes line on Apr 3, 2013. I will be posting a link then.

I had a wonderful workshop weekend, not to mention an excellent dose of sunshine and watching the sunset at Dania beach! I couldn’t ask for more.. thank you so much Ft.Lauderdale chapter of CPSA for having me there. Everyone was so enthusiastic to learn my technique and they did a great job in completing the projects on both the days!!

Here are some pictures from my workshop :

Day 1 – Everyone intensely working away on their apples.



Everyone finished their apples by the end of the day and they looked so gorgeous! This workshop demonstrated my usual method of using Colored pencil and Neocolor II on Ampersand Pastelbord. The students got to work on White and Grey Pastelbords during the 2 days.


Day 2 – The silver was a challenge but everybody was on top of it.



And here’s are a few pictures of the beautiful Dania beach, my photos do very little justice to the colors of those beautiful waters –





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