Exotic Serenity

Here’s my latest addition to my Origami series. This particular piece is very special since it combines my love for Origami along with my passion for Ethnic Indian designs. My friend Arlene recently reminded me about the exotic fabrics in India and how it would make a great addition to the series. It really felt like a wake up call for me. As a child all I remember was making these fun designs all over my books for hours of time, so when I wanted to adapt it for this series it became really exciting!

Exotic Serenity – 9×12 – Color pencils on pastelbord



As a first step I started hunting my closet for a piece of fabric with my favorite palette and then folded an Origami model to complement the colors. I chose the “Lotus” Origami model for a reason. Not only is it the National flower of India, it also carries special meaning to many cultures around the  world.”They have been associated with the human soul, gods and goddesses and  featured in stories and legends. The meaning of a lotus flower ranges from  divine purity and enlightenment, as in Buddhism, wealth, as in Hinduism, to  rebirth, as in the ancient Egyptian religion. Many of the ancient meanings are  still in use today” ( courtesy ehow.com). I love using symbolism and narrative in my work so this was just perfect.

I had a basic line drawing of the piece drawn on Grey Ampersand pastelbord using white colerase pencils. I did not draw all those tiny details first, they all developed later. I loved the triangle shaped petals of the Origami model so I incorporated that shape into my design. I used Verithin Darkumber for all those line drawings ( I love them! ) and also some other Verithin colors to fill into some details. Mostly otherwise I worked with Luminance, prismas and a few pablos. I first completed the background and sprayed it with a workable fixative before I moved to the lotus, because I did not want the pink dust to pollute the background colors.

This was my reference, if you see my completed drawing you will see how I changed things around and the design as well to suit my composition.


Here are some progress images I took with my phone which shows how the piece developed.


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2 thoughts on “Exotic Serenity

  1. Wow! I love paintings like this and I love detail, but this had to take a lot of time and patience to get all that detail right! I love the changes you made to the design on the fabric. Paisley designs can be so very busy, but your design is so simple and lovely! Just gorgeous and always inspiring!

    ~ Nancy

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