What’s happening

I know I haven’t being a lot of art lately..I had been unpacking , setting up my studio, traveling, exploring the bay area art scene and catching up with my friends. I did find a couple of art groups here which I am a part of now, one is the Sunnyvale Art club and second is the FALC (Fine art League of Cupertino). I just got juried into FALC as their member during the April meeting.

I also won the first place in the Sunnyvale Art club monthly members show this month due to which I got to hang my piece at the Bean Scene Cafe in downtown Sunnyvale. The piece will be on display there for a month.

I am also getting ready for my workshop this weekend in Tucson with the TCPAA-http://www.tcpaa.net/ . It’s always a pleasure to share the love of Color pencil with so many people. I am so looking forward to it 🙂

I have more announcements coming your way soon, I will be having a spring sale  of some of my older work for bargain prices! stay tuned!


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