Don’t sweat it!

Here’s my latest drawing, “Don’t sweat it”, on Ampersand pastelbord using colored pencil and neocolors. This piece is part of my fun floral series where I am trying to infuse humor into everyday flower scenes. My intention is to portray the flower out of it’s natural state and explore how life extends beyond the subject.  In everyday life we all need a dose of humor now and again to get us back in touch to our child within. So I hope this brings a smile to you today. A smile is a contagious thing – Give one to the world and the world will give it right back to you!

Don’t Sweat It! – 18×24 Colored pencils and Neocolors on Ampersand Pastelbord



New Floral work

It’s spring and I really miss visiting the Tulip festival back in Washington. I used to go there every year and always enjoyed looking at the beautiful bed of tulips. Hopefully I will get to go there next year.

I actually started this piece on the Canson Mi-tientes Touch paper and I had a very difficult time working on that support. It did not do well with wet media plus I could not add a lot  of layers of  colored pencils. So I went back to my favorite support, the  Ampersand pastelbord.

I decided to give a humorous twist to this piece , here’s “Relationship Anxiety” – 12 x 16 neocolors and colored pencils on grey pastelbord.

.Relationship Anxiety


Back after a break

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t posted in several months. Life has been very busy offlate with my new business of starting the school and family visits. I hardly got to work with my color pencil this year but I have a pretty good reason to get back to my drawing board again. I am really delighted to let you all know that I will be having a Solo show as Lindsay Drikx brown Gallery in San Ramon next fall. I need to get several pieces ready for that show and I hoping to be more productive in the coming year! Wish me luck 🙂

I was able to finish my demo piece which I started several months ago, here’s Sweet Embrace – 6×12 Neos and Color pencils on board.


Silent Auction CPSA

Summer has started and I have been crazy busy with a lot of stuff. I have some big news coming up soon!
Every year Colored Pencil Society of America has it’s Annual Convention where they invite 30 + artists to donate their work for Silent Auction called “Small Works of Great Magnitude” .  The convention is happening this year at Daytona Florida for more information visit –

I was very glad to to be invited this year also to be part of this wonderful Exhibit. I decided to try a new surface and used the Canson Touch paper for this one. It’s very similar to the colorfix and I really liked it. This piece was created a bit differently, I used all CP’s and blended it using the heat gun and added Neocolor II on top as a final layer. It went on really fast ! So I might adapt to this method soon.

Paper to Petal- 8×10





My love for shiny stuff

I had a wonderful time doing a demo over the weekend at the Cole Gallery’s 7th anniversary. I started on this piece and I just finished working on it.

I actually wanted to make a complicated Origami star using a shiny golden paper but halfway through messed up the model. So the frustration led to cutting up the paper and once I saw the curly strip just lying there everything felt right. So my love for shiny stuff continues in this paper series in which I will be exploring the dynamics of shiny colored paper in space.

SHINING DIVA ~ 8×10 ~ Neocolor II and Colored pencil on White Ampersand Pastelbord