Giant Reflections

I have been working on this piece for a couple of months and finally I completed this today right in time to submit for the CPSA  International show. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this piece, which is part of my Origami Series of Still-life. The batik fabric is from India and so are the marble elephants. After doing a lot of cranes in my previous Origami works, it was refreshing model an elephant and include that in my still-life.

Elephants are one of my most favorite animals, they are one of the strongest animals in the planet yet very lovable and gentle by nature. Elephants are also considered as a power symbol of commitment, royalty & strength.

Giant Reflections, 12 x 26,  100%colored pencils on grey ampersand pastelbordGiant reflections


Juried into ET! 11 International Show

I am really glad to announce that my drawing Metamorphosis, has been juried into ET! 11 International show by CPSA. Congratulations to all the artists who got juried into the show. Here’s the list – . The show goes live on Feb 1st.

Metamorphosis – 16×20 , Neocolor II and CP on Pastelbord

My love for shiny stuff

I had a wonderful time doing a demo over the weekend at the Cole Gallery’s 7th anniversary. I started on this piece and I just finished working on it.

I actually wanted to make a complicated Origami star using a shiny golden paper but halfway through messed up the model. So the frustration led to cutting up the paper and once I saw the curly strip just lying there everything felt right. So my love for shiny stuff continues in this paper series in which I will be exploring the dynamics of shiny colored paper in space.

SHINING DIVA ~ 8×10 ~ Neocolor II and Colored pencil on White Ampersand Pastelbord






New video Demo

I recently did an experiment of using Neocolor II & colored pencils on canvas and mounting it on Hardboard inspired by the beautiful works of Ester Roi.

Here’s a video that I made demonstrating this method. Even though it’s more time consuming than working on the pastelbord I did like the finished surface. I might do more in the future. Enjoy the video!

All that Glitters

Here’s my new work that I just finished, it’s my usual combination of color pencils and neocolors on Pastelbord. I did manage to take a few progress shots during the process that explains my technique.

I first begin with a line drawing of my work on pastelbord –


Second step is to add Neocolor II water soluble wax crayon, I add them directly without dissolving them.


Then I add water to the piece and let it dry overnight. Neocolor dries pretty quickly when wet and more can be added if any areas look washed out. It’s very similar to using watercolors.


The final step is adding layers of colored pencils on top of the Neocolor layer to finish the piece. I use bristle brush to blend the neocolor layer and color pencils. Once I feel that I have the proper values I stop burnishing and add the highlights, darks and details. Since getting the Icarus board, I have started doing my last step by heating the pastelbord on it. The heat helps to soften the edges where needed and also punch up the color!

“All the Glitters” – 16×20 on Ampersand pastelbord